Our overnight guests are Our
overnight guests are control
kennels, where they eat and
sleep.  The majority of the
day is spent out with other
friendly dogs and warm and
caring people.
The Kennel
Because dogs are happiest with a routine,
our schedule seldom varies more than thirty
minutes either way.  A typical day would be:
7 AM - Rise and shine!  Outside for potty and playtime.
9 AM - Breakfast and a short nap.
10 AM - Out to the yard for play, play, play!
1 PM - Back inside for nap time for the tired
dogs.                  Just more playtime, or perhaps a
snooze in the              sun for the rest.  Nap time
usually lasts about              an hour, and then play
resumes once more.
5 PM - Dinnertime!  Yum!  Full tummies need another nap.
10PM - Back outside for another potty and some
more                play time.
11PM - Bedtime cookies and then Lights Out!
Vaccination Requirements
On your first visit to Many Paws, you will need to bring written proof from
We require  Rabies, Distemper-Parvo, and Bordatella.
Checking for messages...
Ready, Set, GO!!!
We like big ones...
Hours of
Monday through Friday
8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Saturday and Sunday
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
The rate is $32.00 per night
2nd dog in same run...$26.00
3rd dog in same run...$23.00
4th, 5th,  etc. ........$20.00
we will charge an additional $1.00/day
for providing kennel food
No hidden fees!
Visa and Mastercard Accepted
A Day in the Life...

  • We encourage our clients to bring the dog's regular food, if possible.  It is stressful enough to be boarding,
    without adding a food change in as well. We do, however, use a quality chicken based dry kibble. You do not
    need to provide bowls, we use stainless steel.

  • You may bring a bed or blanket is you wish, or we can provide bedding.  It is good for the dog to have
    something that smells like home, so if you do not wish to bring a bed, please consider bringing an article of
    clothing, such as an old t-shirt, that has been worn but not washed, especially if this is your dog's first visit
    to a kennel.

  • We recommend that you do NOT bring your dog's favorite toy, as we cannot guarantee that it will go home
    in the same condition that it arrived!  We don't allow personal toys out in the play yard, but every once in a
    while one gets by us, and then it is fair game!

  • Don't forget the evidence of vaccinations.
Fax 503-640-7297
Reservations Required
Boarding dogs do not need an evaluation.
  • We ask that all dogs be on an approved flea treatment such as Frontline, Advantage, Sentinal, etc.  
    Flea collars do not constitute adequate flea control, { except for Seresto}

  • All dogs must wear a soft collar, nylon or leather, buckle or quick release, with an identification tag.  
    No slip collars or prong collars beyond the office.  If two dogs get tangled during play, a quick release
    collar makes everything so much easier.
Heated and Air Conditioned
If you arrive late to pick up your
dog, you will be charged an
additional night's stay.
No drop off or pick up on
Thanksgiving and
Christmas Day
You can download the above forms and bring
with you, email them to us at
manypawskennels@comcast.net or fax them
to us at 503-640-7297